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Calm Sea


Shara provides a very safe and comfortable space to allow for you and your body to relax, unwind and let go. Her genuine care and professionalism shows in her work to provide you with a lasting feeling of self-awareness and motivation for self-care.

Swedish Massage

A remarkably relaxing traditional massage that includes specific areas of focus to reduce tension, relieve stress and promote healing. Techniques can include deep tissue, myofascial release, triggerpoint and stretching.

CranioSacral Therapy

A gentle touch therapy that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction. The primary focus is to release restrictions in the soft tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord. The Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy approach is based on the inherent health that is within us all to use as a resource to balance and restore the body into a place where it can heal itself, be more resistant to disease, and proves effective for a wide range of medical issues all the while improving whole body health and performance.

Lymphatic Therapy

The lymphatic system is primarily used for immunity to fight infection and illness. Working in conjunction with the circulatory system, blood and lymph fluid carry white blood cells to “clean up” and regenerate new healthy cells throughout the body. Gentle, light touch to stimulate the flow and direct lymph fluid in passageways towards the lymph nodes helps to relieve stagnate or blocked areas, strengthen the immune system and keep the circulation flowing freely. Other benefits include post-op anti-inflammatory effects, pain management, detoxification and stress relief.


Hot Towels - $5
Arnica topical - $5
CBD topical - $10
Palo Santo - $10

Please mention these at booking.


Add Ons


45 min- $60
60 min- $80
90 min- $110
120 min- $140

60 min- $85
90 min- $115

60 min- $90
90 min- $120


3 x 60 min- $210
3 x 90 min- $300

3 x 60 min- $225
3 x 90 min- $315

3 x 60 min- $240
3 x 90 min- $330


5 x 60 min- $350
5 x 90 min- $500

5 x 60 min- $375
5 x 90 min- $525

5 x 60 min- $400
5 x 90 min- $550

90 min- $130
120 in- $150

3 x 90 min- $360
3 x 120 min- $420

5 x 90 min- $600
5 x 120 min- $700


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What My Clients Say

Stone Tower

Ursula Goadhouse

Completely recommend Shara. I had deep tissue massage with cranial sacral work. It was deeply relaxing and healing for me. She is professional, skilled and sweet. Her space is relaxing and SO comfortable. Two thumbs up.

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