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A Covid Safe Space

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

These current times call for modifications of how we do things in so many ways. I want to reassure you that SharaSpace is taking all necessary precautions to help alleviate any worries during your session.

- Your Massage Therapist is fully vaccinated and takes her temperature daily.

- Your temperature will be taken upon entering the studio and a Covid questionnaire and release form shall be completed prior to session.

- Deep antiseptic cleaning and decontamination of all surfaces is performed before and after each client and session.

- An open window and fan will be on for air movement and ventilation during your session. (Don't worry, the table is heated and you will stay nice and toasty:)

- Hand sanitizer will be available and utilized throughout the session. Hand washing will be performed before and after (as always).

- Masks will be worn the entire session for both the client and therapist. The therapist will always be wearing a mask and the client will have the choice to not wear a mask during the prone(face down) time. A pillow case will be arranged hanging on the face cradle to help capture the aerosol breathing(and drool;) while the mask is off.

- All linens are washed on hot/sanitation cycle to kill all bacteria and viruses.

- Cancellation fee may be waived if symptoms arise before your appointment and you need to get tested.

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